Kids 4 Change is an all-volunteer, non-profit, charitable organization.  All funds donated to Kids 4 Change will be donated or invested at the sole discretion of Kids 4 Change (as voted upon by its project members).  We appreciate anything you feel you can give to help us grow.  

ALL donations in October 2017 will go to victims of the napa fires.


Please feel free to indicate to which project you would like your donation applied.  Otherwise, funds will be applied to the General Fund.


And thank you to everyone who has donated! 

                                        We are fervently thankful for your support!

From a Study by the Youth Leadership Institute entitled "Changing the Face of Giving"

RESEARCH SHOWS  that "youth philanthropy holds great benefits for all the parties involved: the young people who make funding decisions, the foundations which engage youth as partners in their work, the programs that receive grants and the communities those programs serve. Youth philanthropists say their experience in grant making helped them to understand community and youth issues, to make better decisions, to feel more comfortable sharing their views and to learn how to lead. It also seemed to spark their interest in higher education — 59 percent of youth philanthropists surveyed said that participation in youth philanthropy programs increased their interest in attending college. It also had an impact on their choice of studies and career path.  In fact, many foundations are looking to youth philanthropy as a means to youth development. Youth-led grant making almost universally involves young people practicing leadership, solving problems, studying proposals, managing budgets, working together and presenting views to an audience of peers and adults.

Studies of the Youth Leadership Institutes’ ... found that youth seeking grants learn important lessons about planning, group decision-making and budgeting skills. These young grantees also feel a closer connection to their communities and gain confidence that they can change things for the better."

"I want there to be more projects!"~ Hudson, Age 6


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